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Why Mindfulness is the Quickest Path to Sane Mothering

We Thrive TV Sheryl Kurland-Platt

Are you ready to help your teen have more tools to handle her stress? And, yes, to help her feel more sane in the midst of her daily emotional roller coaster? Let’s talk mindfulness and teens. And, also, let’s talk your sanity while raising a teen. I am so excited to share this new free […]

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When to Get Your Daughter Her First Cellphone

Is your daughter begging for a cellphone, but you haven’t given her one yet? Or did you finally get her one, and now you’re regretting it? Or struggling with how to set the ‘right’ boundaries for both your and her sanity? Never fear, mama! I’m in the beautiful, sometimes scary mess of this one with […]

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Are You Ready to Stop Putting Everyone Else First?

Sarah Jenks- We Thrive TV

Once you had your daughter… did you find yourself at times all-consumed with mothering, and like you were slowly losing touch with yourself? Do you fall into the trap of putting everyone’s happiness before your own? Do you sometimes feel exhausted making sure everyone else is fed, cared for and held? And wondering who’s going […]

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