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What we mamas can learn from Maria von Trapp about emotional mastery

Dear Sister of the Heart, Remember that scene in The Sound of Music, when Maria is having her first dinner with the von Trapp family? She arrives late, of course, and promptly sits on a pinecone (placed by the devious children who want her gone) and she shouts very loudly. Captain von Trapp is alarmed, […]

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State-Of-The-Art Surgery for Breast Cancer

Although this interview doesn’t directly relate to the mother-daughter relationship, Dr. Tihesha Wilson does give us some delightful advice about raising our daughters to love their breasts. She weaves this advice into our discussion about her life’s calling and passion: to provide state-of-the-art breast surgery for women who have cancer. I wanted to find out […]

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How’d Your Teenage Clothes Shopping Initiation With Your Mother Go?

Dear Sister of the Heart, Recently, my oldest (since-age-four) friend Anne and I were talking about our formative experiences of clothes shopping with our mothers. It all went well enough for me until my teen years. That’s when my mother and I started to have pretty intense conflict over budget and style. My mother could […]

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