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How’d Your Teenage Clothes Shopping Initiation With Your Mother Go?

Dear Sister of the Heart, Recently, my oldest (since-age-four) friend Anne and I were talking about our formative experiences of clothes shopping with our mothers. It all went well enough for me until my teen years. That’s when my mother and I started to have pretty intense conflict over budget and style. My mother could […]

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How To Find Your Girl Mentors You Love

Do you want to share your wisdom of experience with your girl, but it sometimes feels like your words are falling on deaf ears? Or do you sometimes feel like the words you use with your daughter are lost in translation? That there is a kind of generation gap of language and world view? One […]

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When We Mistake Food For Love

Dear Sister of the Heart, Food is not love, but sometimes we make it so by projecting the power of love onto food. Then when it doesn’t give us the love that we need, we may feel betrayed. When we eat when we are not physically hungry, and don’t feel well or gain extra weight, […]

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