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Ancestral healing and DNA testing

I confess that I am answering my burning questions today in this interview with the awesome Leesa Renee Hall… but I trust that you will discover they are your burning questions too! There are so many ways we can heal our motherline and these days Eliza and I are both being guided by Leesa Renee’s […]

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Forty Days in my Rest Cave

Dear Sister of the Heart, Yesterday was the last day of my 40-day commitment to spend daily time in my rest cave. My rest cave is the spare room in my house (the guest room) that I have now called dibs on. I have decorated it with a rest altar (with a candle and a […]

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Supporting your daughter with anxiety

I remember the first time I named that I had anxiety. I was 3 months postpartum with Eliza and the wired/tired feeling wasn’t going away. I’d wander around the house at night, my baby finally blissfully asleep, but I’d be restless. (And yes, I’ve gotten support in the 25 years since then, and I’m doing […]

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