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A Single Mom’s Field Notes

Are you, or someone you love dearly, flying solo with this whole mothering a preteen or teen daughter thing? I’ve loved bringing our series of Field Notes episodes to you — real dispatches from wise mamas in the midst of raising preteen and teen daughters just like you. Today I have the delight of sharing […]

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3 Reasons Your Reactions Are Blocking Connection

This is a really precious episode. We’re talking how our reactions as moms get in the way of connection. Oh, jeez. For example: When you’re tired — and wish you hadn’t said that snappy thing to your daughter… Or: When you’re stressed — and you wish you could have slowed down to really listen to […]

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Become the Expert Easy Conversation Starter

Eliza’s back on the blog! And we’re talking how to make conversations easy breezy with your preteen or teen — WOW, what a concept, huh? A mom in our community wrote to me that she’s feeling “well… umm… awkward” with her newly teen daughter, and conversation just ain’t flowing. Can you relate? Do you dream […]

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