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Raising White Kids in a Racist Culture

Jennifer Harvey

‘We need to commit to the hard work of breaking our children’s hearts, and not protecting our white kids’ ‘innocence.’ By doing so we deprive them of their humanity.’ – Jennifer Harvey Hey Mama — Jennifer’s words landed in my body when I read them. Maybe you’re feeling them too.There’s so many things we’re told in […]

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Mother Goose is Alive and Well

Dear Sister of the Heart, Mother Goose is alive and well and she just turned three hundred! Those of you who know my work are well aware of my eternal interest in, and fascination for, anything that has to do with the mother archetype. I am always watching for signs of how this archetypal energy- […]

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Raising Black Kids in a Racist Culture

    As a white mama with a white daughter, parts of my mothering journey are vastly different than my sisters of color. We live in a racist society (it’s the water we’re all swimming in). In today’s episode and the next episode of We Thrive TV we’re going to be exploring this together. And, today […]

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