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When We Mistake Food For Love

Dear Sister of the Heart, Food is not love, but sometimes we make it so by projecting the power of love onto food. Then when it doesn’t give us the love that we need, we may feel betrayed. When we eat when we are not physically hungry, and don’t feel well or gain extra weight, […]

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Creating a Mentally Healthy Motherline

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Have you had the experience of what is often referred to as the dark night of the soul, where you had a painful spiritual awakening? And did you wish you had had a medial provider who understood it in this context? Psychiatrist and mama Dr Kelly Brogan MD understands. She also speaks our language. She refers […]

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Daughtering Our Mothers

 Dear Sister of the Heart, We mamas are usually more focused on mothering our daughters, than daughtering our mothers. For one, our adolescent daughters are usually living with us and our mothers are usually not living with us. Our daughters are dependent on us as they are slowly but surely growing into their independence. […]

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