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Reclaiming Pleasure For Our Daughters


Are you running on stress, and struggling to find moments of ease and joy? We want to talk about pleasure. And no, it doesn’t have to do with sex. Nope. Were you taught that pleasure was selfish? Or simply a luxury you couldn’t afford? Stress is killing us, (literally, pumping cortisol has us burning the […]

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How Do I Teach My Daughter How to Love Herself?

  We circle back here often, in our community of big-hearted mamas. The question is so often: how do I teach my daughter how to love herself? We hear you. And we want to start off answering with another question (and perhaps a surprising one): What does God have to do with the mother-daughter relationship? […]

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Are you ready for a joy ride? (We are).

Joy. Pure joy. Belly-aching laughter. The kind where you pee yourself, just a little bit (those muscles aren’t what they once were… ;)). A deep breath, silence, and satisfaction. Quiet, embodied, elation. Warm tingles in the body. Rocky-Balboa-inspired victory laps (perhaps complete with some goofy butt shakes and a fist pump or two into the […]

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