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A Buddhist Mom’s Field Notes

Did you know that mindfulness could make your mothering easier? Yes, I’m talking: Less reactions — (aka, not blowing up at your kid, or taking her grumpiness personally) — A deeper sense of inner calm and center  — (yup, no matter what happens!) — Tuning in to your self with comfort and kindness… (so you […]

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Nourishing Soul in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Have you ever tried to share your spiritual life with your daughter? And then gotten a “mom, that’s weird” back? Maybe it was a straight up diss of your meditation practice. Or the altar that’s by your bed. Either way, ouch. And maybe with your girl it wasn’t a mean comment. Maybe it was more […]

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How Do I Teach My Daughter How to Love Herself?

  We circle back here often, in our community of big-hearted mamas. The question is so often: how do I teach my daughter how to love herself? We hear you. And we want to start off answering with another question (and perhaps a surprising one): What does God have to do with the mother-daughter relationship? […]

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