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Become the Expert Easy Conversation Starter

Eliza’s back on the blog! And we’re talking how to make conversations easy breezy with your preteen or teen — WOW, what a concept, huh? A mom in our community wrote to me that she’s feeling “well… umm… awkward” with her newly teen daughter, and conversation just ain’t flowing. Can you relate? Do you dream […]

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Want Less Back to School Stress?

Aviva Kafka

Back to school. When does it start for you? Last week? This week? I know school is so HUGE for our kids. And as mamas we want our daughters to feel supported by the school environment — not so stressed that they develop chronic anxiety… or melt down regularly. I’ve always been obsessed with the […]

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Field Notes on Sober Motherhood

Laura McKowen

Let’s talk addiction and sobriety. And motherhood. Eeeek! It’s a combo we’re not supposed to talk about. Right? Substance abuse and addiction is everywhere. It’s in our lives. Our friends’ lives. Our families. And certainly it’s in teen world. Can we have a deeper, real, shame-free conversation about this? In today’s episode I’m talking to […]

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