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You want a warm, trusting, loving bond with your daughter.

You want her to feel gotten and loved.

You want her to feel safe coming to you with whatever is up in her life.

You want to have the confidence as a mother to set boundaries while also giving her space to grow.

You want to raise an empowered young woman who knows her worth in the world, and loves herself unconditionally.

You want a relationship built on mutual respect.

What’s the best way to create that in your life?

Get support for you as a woman and mom.

When you thrive, your daughter thrives.

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Hi, Mom. I’m Sil.

I’ve been coaching women for 30 years. 1:1 work is one of the most powerful ways to transform your relationship with your daughter, your mother, and, foremost, with yourself.

Maybe you’re concerned and you know you need support because you’ve got a tough situation on your hands. You feel like your daughter has pulled away.

Maybe you’re here for a real “preventative” — the teen years are coming, you’re in a pretty good place, but you want some grounding because what you were taught about mothering a teen ain’t going to work.

Maybe you’re ready to look up the “motherline” and heal your relationship with your mother, your grandmother, and the women who have come before you. (You don’t need to have a daughter to do this).

Maybe you’re looking to heal your relationship with your body and food, and put that war to rest, at long last, so your daughter doesn’t have to carry it on. You’re tired of over-giving and exhaustion.

You know you want 1:1 support. Below you’ll be able to explore the unique coaching offerings and packages I’ve created.

One little note: I want to make sure you don’t miss my free offer.

What’s that?

Every woman considering 3- or 6-month coaching gets a free 30-minute chat with me.

No expectations.
I want us to meet in real time — to connect. 

We’ll put our heads and hearts together and come up with a plan of action.

We’ll talk about pricing and payment plans. We’ll get a chance to connect and see if we’re the right fit.

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The Support & Clarity Call


This is my answer to your question: Can I pick your brain?

Or you’ve got a specific situation and you want to ask a question: how does XYZ apply to my relationship with my daughter? Or you’re feeling confused and want some quick grounding.

I’m all yours for 60 minutes — or we can get my awesome daughter, co-teacher, and co-author, Eliza, on the call too. One call. All your questions answered. Ask away!

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The 3-Month Deep Dive:

Real Transformation

I’ve created 3 different 3-month coaching packages.

Through 30 years of work with women, I’ve honed the most effective ways to create lasting change in our most meaningful relationships.


Sil is a wise woman, she’s the mom mentor and big sister in my tribe that I always wanted to mother and guide me through mothering my girl. I trust myself more than ever.


- AG


Opinions around me were drowning out my intuition: my in-laws, my husband, my daughter’s teacher. Sil calmly helped me to find my inner voice so that I could stand for what I knew was right for my daughter.



- KY

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Package 1: Transforming Conflict with Your Daughter

Got conflict? This 3-month coaching package is all about how to transform your daughter’s embarrassment, rudeness or mood-swings into connection, and a stronger bond.

This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

(1) You’re struggling with your daughter’s moods, her acting out, or just generally feel overwhelmed.

(2) You feel like your daughter is pulling away from her connection with you, and you don’t know what to do.

(3) You’re concerned for your daughter’s safety, and you’re not sure you know the whole truth of what’s up in teen world.

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Package 2: Raising Your Daughter Body Sane and Savvy

Do you or your daughter feel uncomfortable talking about her developing body? 

This 3-month coaching package is structured to get you hip, educated and confident about how to have great conversations with your daughter about her body image, period, food, weight and sexuality. Awkwardness, we’re comin’ for ya. 

This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

(1) Your mom never talked to you in an open way about your female body, and you never received this rite-of-passage initiation from mother to daughter. You want to raise a daughter who feels informed, confident and comfortable being a woman (and even loves it!).

(2) Your daughter is resistant to body talk and you feel stymied; you’re looking for some solutions and guidance.

(3) You’re ready to end your struggle with body image, weight, and your female body. You feel clear that you don’t want to pass on your body struggle to your daughter. You realize how much is passed on unconsciously even if you’re saying the “right” things to your daughter about her developing body. 

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Package 3: Healing Your Relationship with Your Mom

What’s your relationship like with your mom?

This 3-month coaching package is a deep dive into healing your motherline (whether your mom is alive or not) as an adult daughter, so you don’t pass on the same stuff down the motherline, or re-create it in your other meaningful relationship. If your mother was unable to fully see and love you, you can learn how to heal the ‘mother wound’ in your heart.

This package is right for you if any of the following are true:

(1) Your relationship with your mother brings up discomfort, grief, anger, frustration or loneliness.

(2) You feel like your mother has never fully loved, accepted, or seen you. At times you feel she has been threatened by you.

(3) You’re afraid that your painful dynamic with your mother is going to repeat with your daughter, or in your female friendships.

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Are you stuck in a cycle of over-giving? This 9-month coaching experience is an answer to the normalization of mothering-on-empty, that so many of us witnessed with our mothers: they were the last to rest, the last to have their needs met. Self-love and self-care for women, especially mothers, is an urgent revolution.

The Sovereign Mother gives from overflowing, not from empty. She is comfortable resting, receiving and pausing. She knows that self-care is a necessity and not a luxury. She is responsible for her actions, her feelings, and her boundaries.

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Create Your Own Custom Journey

This customized experience is built uniquely for you. Together, let’s weave a journey based on your individual needs and my 30-years of experience working with women and girls on everything from body image and mother-daughter relationships, to Jungian dream analysis and nurturing soul in your business life.

The heart of my work is an invitation for you to know your value, your beauty, and your worthiness without question. When we’re living from this place, everything changes: our relationships flourish, our lives deepen, and our daughters grow knowing their worthiness. And what more do we want as mothers? Let’s connect and co-create the inner journey of a lifetime.

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