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Collection: Trusting Yourself, Trusting Your Daughter

How to Keep Your Cool When Moodswings Start Swinging


Does your daughter have moodswings? She’s up, up, up!!!! And then… she’s down, down, down… Full on: doom and despair. “Mom, today was the worst. I hate my life.” Sound familiar? (Though maybe your teen is a little bit less intense ;)). Moodswings are the #1 reason why moms can find parenting teens exhausting. It […]

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How Close is Too Close? Does My Daughter Need More Space?

Are you and your daughter too close? Do you worry that perhaps she’s not independent enough? She calls you her best friend. She still wants to sit in your lap, and often tries to fall asleep in your bed with you. She depends on you, and when you look around — you see that most […]

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Do You Feel Like You Have to Go It Alone?

Who are we kidding? It’s become normal for us to go it alone as moms. So normal that for many of us our isolated motherhood registers as: nothing amiss. There isn’t a grandma to pick them up from school and feed them dinner, when work held you late? “Ah, normal. Motherhood is overwhelm.” There isn’t […]

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