How to get closer to your daughter when it feels like she's pushing you away get your free video now

We’ve got cool news for you about your daughter.

Your preteen or teen daughter actually
wants and needs you to be more connected, not less.

(We promise, we asked her, ­­well, a lot of girls her age.)

But she also wants you to connect in a different way.

Even if she doesn’t know how to say it.

Welcome to a new approach to mother­-daughter relationships,

where thriving, not just surviving,

is the new normal.

Hi, We're Sil & Eliza,

the co-founders of Mothering & Daughtering,

and a mother-daughter dynamic duo, co-authors, and workshop leaders for mothers and their preteen and teen daughters for almost 15 years.

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What They're Saying:


If these challenges [between mother and daughter] are a generational thing, Sil has surely broken the pattern with her own daughter.


-Jane Fonda

actor and author of "My Life So Far"


Sil and Eliza’s work is a lifeline to mothers and daughters who want to move through the teen years with a real, a loving, and a lasting relationship.


-Elizabeth Lesser

Best-selling author of "Broken Open" and "Marrow"


Eliza and Sil Reynolds are a model for us all of shared, intergenerational leadership and the power of courageous communication.


-Courtney E. Martin

Author of "Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters" and "Do It Anyway"


What Sil and Eliza Reynolds teach mothers and their teenage daughters is profound, essential and revolutionary.


-Geneen Roth

# 1 New York Times bestselling author of "Women, Food and God"

What Mothers and Daughters are Saying