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If She’s Embarrassed By You, It’s a Good Sign


WHaaaat?! Yes, actually. Let’s break it down. Daughters have been made a berry-red shade of embarrassed by their mothers for ever, right? For recorded parenting history. So much that it’s become ‘normal’ and expected. One of the things you’re warned of when it comes to raising a teen girl.   “Oh, is she embarrassed by you? Oh, are you now “DORK MOM”? […]

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Ever Felt Like You Were Losing Your Daughter?

This is the question that started our work. I feel like I’m losing my daughter, what do I do? We used to be so close, now I feel like she’s rejecting me. Last week, she got embarrassed by me in the grocery store. I hoped this would never happen, but I guess it’s inevitable? I’m […]

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U.M.C.: Unapologetic Mom Coolness (Your Secret Strategy)

  The fateful moment has come: Your preteen or teen daughter is beginning to show signs of embarrassment … with you. Or maybe your daughter seems perfectly content with your wacky humanness? Maybe you’re having to deal with the cultural obsession that ‘mom = lame’ (insert eye roll here) that seems to show up in every […]

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