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The Surprising Solution to Your Exhaustion

  Are you ready to not be tired all the time? I mean… Everyone we know is tired, right? Especially our women friends. Whole female friendships can be built on getting together to share how busy, tired, and overwhelmed we are…. right? The shadow side of healthy venting can be that well… we wear it […]

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Getting Hip to Peer Pressure and Nutrition

  Do you remember a moment as a girl when you felt uncomfortable in your body? If you, like many of us, have struggled with your relationship to food, body and weight — Then maybe you can remember one of the first moments — Maybe it was when you hit puberty and your body began […]

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Reclaiming Pleasure For Our Daughters


Are you running on stress, and struggling to find moments of ease and joy? We want to talk about pleasure. And no, it doesn’t have to do with sex. Nope. Were you taught that pleasure was selfish? Or simply a luxury you couldn’t afford? Stress is killing us, (literally, pumping cortisol has us burning the […]

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