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Supporting your daughter with anxiety

I remember the first time I named that I had anxiety. I was 3 months postpartum with Eliza and the wired/tired feeling wasn’t going away. I’d wander around the house at night, my baby finally blissfully asleep, but I’d be restless. (And yes, I’ve gotten support in the 25 years since then, and I’m doing […]

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The voices in your head: meanness vs. kindness

Dear Sister of the Heart, How do you speak to yourself? I don’t mean speaking out-loud to yourself- though you might do that sometimes. I mean your inner voice or voices. Do you speak to yourself with kindness? With meanness? A bit of both? Let’s pause for a moment and consider what those voices inside […]

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Is Your Daughter’s Sex Ed Program Good Enough?

The first time Eliza asked me about sex she was 5, and we were sitting in the local library parking lot after school pick-up. Eliza’s kindergarten teacher was pregnant, so it made sense after all (she was wondering how ‘babies were made’). I’m a Nurse Practitioner by training, so, after a brief moment of panic, […]

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