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How to Help Your Daughter Love Puberty

Sonya Renee Taylor

I WANT TO SHARE THIS AWESOME NEW PUBERTY BOOK WITH YOU. Let’s get down about puberty. What if your daughter actually um… liked puberty? Crazy concept! What if she felt informed, supported, and celebrated — and puberty was a wonderful experience? Certainly a bizarre idea for our mainstream culture. But totally what we know is […]

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Science, Girls & Stereotypes

Maria Kauffman

Does your daughter love science? Or do you feel like she (or you) have been affected by the olddddd negative stereotype that persisted for so long saying women and girls aren’t ‘as good’ at science or math? Do you want to support your daughter to bust stereotypes, and break any barriers she wants in historically […]

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How to Help Your Daughter Be Healthy (Without Shaming Her)

The new season of We Thrive TV is here with a second episode! Do you want to support your daughter in being physically well and healthy? But you really don’t want her to feel like you’re trying to control her? Or like you’re trying to “fix” her beautiful body? Do you worry sometimes about a […]

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