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Eliza’s All-Time Favorite Girl Magazine

What does your daughter read or watch regularly? Like where does she turn for community, entertainment or advice? Do you know? Maybe you it’s YouTube tutorials, a new YA fantasy book series (by Tamora Pierce, maybe?), or the latest edition of Teen Vogue? Or simply put… Snapchat…? Do you feel good about what she’s consuming […]

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What Do I Say When My Daughter Says She’s Fat?

  The million dollar question. “What do I say when my daughter says she’s fat?” The mom nightmare. She starts to talk crap about her body. …how do we respond? So that she doesn’t just roll her eyes at us? How do we stop fighting just this uphill battle against the ‘media’ and the Instagram […]

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Getting Hip to Peer Pressure and Nutrition

  Do you remember a moment as a girl when you felt uncomfortable in your body? If you, like many of us, have struggled with your relationship to food, body and weight — Then maybe you can remember one of the first moments — Maybe it was when you hit puberty and your body began […]

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