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U.M.C.: Unapologetic Mom Coolness (Your Secret Strategy)

  The fateful moment has come: Your preteen or teen daughter is beginning to show signs of embarrassment … with you. Or maybe your daughter seems perfectly content with your wacky humanness? Maybe you’re having to deal with the cultural obsession that ‘mom = lame’ (insert eye roll here) that seems to show up in every […]

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Don’t Make Fat a Dirty Word

Sil here. How do we teach our daughters to love their curves? (1) We reclaim “fat.” What? YUP. Fat is pretty much a ‘dirty word’ in our culture. Think about how we use it. For many of us, fat is the ultimate insult. * And if you’re having an enlightened NO IT’S NOT (!) response […]

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What to Do When You Lose Your Cool at Your Daughter

It happens to all of us. We snap. We lose it. We take stuff personally. Maybe she teased her sibling for the umpteenth time today and started a fight. Or maybe work was hard for you today, you seem to be running perpetually late and taking care of everyone (including your boss)… and your temper […]

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