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When to Get Your Daughter Her First Cellphone

Is your daughter begging for a cellphone, but you haven’t given her one yet? Or did you finally get her one, and now you’re regretting it? Or struggling with how to set the ‘right’ boundaries for both your and her sanity? Never fear, mama! I’m in the beautiful, sometimes scary mess of this one with […]

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Setting Real Tech Boundaries with Your Kid

  One of top 2-3 questions I get. Not kidding. “What do I do with this phone of hers?” I’ll be brief today. In the U.S. it’s a holiday weekend (hence also not sending our regular We Thrive TV email on yesterday’s holiday Thursday!). BUT, what more perfect time to talk about tech, boundaries and […]

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Her Cell Phone, Your New Best Friend (Kinda).

We get asked this one a lot. Technology + Mother-Daughter Relationships. (Technology + any relationship for that matter). How do I set boundaries with her? What boundaries do I set? How do I know she’s safe? (Like, heck, I don’t even understand most of these new apps). I don’t want to be this awful mean […]

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