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Nourishing Soul in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Have you ever tried to share your spiritual life with your daughter? And then gotten a “mom, that’s weird” back? Maybe it was a straight up diss of your meditation practice. Or the altar that’s by your bed. Either way, ouch. And maybe with your girl it wasn’t a mean comment. Maybe it was more […]

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She Watches How You Eat (And How That Can Be A Great Thing)

Your preteen or teen daughter is watching how you eat (she has been watching you her whole life). And before you have a stress moment, take a deep breath… this can be a great thing. Our world is crazy when it comes to food. Right? At a local dinner party, if you went around the […]

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Are You Worried Your Daughter is going to Repeat Your Mistakes?


Are you afraid your daughter is going to repeat your mistakes? Sigh. Let’s give some examples: (1) Your daughter wants to wear SHORT shorts, or a crop top to school — you remember the comments your body got when you were her age. (2) She just had her first drink of alcohol. (You found out […]

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