mothering & daughtering: keeping your bond strong through the teen years

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It’s two books in one.

(A flip book!)

With one half for mothers, and one half for their teenage daughters


MOTHERING SIDE (front of book)

DAUGHTERING SIDE (back of book)

Offering you two breakthrough guides in one, Mothering and Daughtering was created to help you find and protect the unique treasure that is your relationship. For moms, Sil addresses the central task of stopping the cycle of separation and anxiety that plagues so many, drawing on her clinical expertise to nurture the skills of listening, boundary setting, mirroring, containing, and more. Turn the book over, and Eliza shares empowering advice to teens looking to keep it real with Mom while also finding strength in their own intuition, friendships, and dreams.



Are you craving a local community of like-minded mothers and daughters?

Create a Mothering & Daughtering Book Group

Creating a book club is for mothers who want local support;

Mothers who know that we weren’t meant to walk the mothering path alone.

This guide is for you if you’re ready to share your wisdom with
other mothers who share your values,

and to gain confidence together as you dive deep into the topics and practices of Mothering & Daughtering.

Invite your daughter into the M&D community,

where she can meet like-minded daughters who believe
that it’s possible to thrive and not just survive
during the preteen, teen years, and beyond.

This beautiful PDF guide includes:

  • A full guide to creating a group for mothers, or a group for mothers and daughters by expert teachers and facilitators, Sil & Eliza Reynolds
  • Tips on who to invite, how to invite them, and where to gather
  • Opening and closing exercises to create a safe and fun circle
  • Session-by-session discussion and activity guides that invite your book group to thrive, be real, and go deep

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