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Eliza’s All-Time Favorite Girl Magazine

What does your daughter read or watch regularly? Like where does she turn for community, entertainment or advice? Do you know? Maybe you it’s YouTube tutorials, a new YA fantasy book series (by Tamora Pierce, maybe?), or the latest edition of Teen Vogue? Or simply put… Snapchat…? Do you feel good about what she’s consuming […]

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Are you ready for a joy ride? (We are).

Joy. Pure joy. Belly-aching laughter. The kind where you pee yourself, just a little bit (those muscles aren’t what they once were… ;)). A deep breath, silence, and satisfaction. Quiet, embodied, elation. Warm tingles in the body. Rocky-Balboa-inspired victory laps (perhaps complete with some goofy butt shakes and a fist pump or two into the […]

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How to Connect When You’ve Only Got 10 Minutes

Life sure can get busy… Right? We don’t always have time alone, For just the two of us to connect. To play a board game — Or to go for a hike — To cook a meal together — We don’t always have time to let our toes snuggle under the blanket while we watch […]

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