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Ever Felt Like You Were Losing Your Daughter?

This is the question that started our work.

I feel like I’m losing my daughter, what do I do?

We used to be so close, now I feel like she’s rejecting me.

Last week, she got embarrassed by me in the grocery store.

I hoped this would never happen, but I guess it’s inevitable?

I’m having sucky deja vu from my childhood, but this time I’m the lame mom.

We’re used to hearing the message in our society that (painful) disconnect during the teen years is inevitable, and, even, normal. Teens are gonna be rude and reject you, or so the old parenting playbook goes. Mothering & Daughtering is based on the idea that this is a load of crap.

Today we’re getting real about the fear of “losing” your daughter, and why it isn’t true. It’s ok, mama, take a deep breath. We got you. Click the video below to watch.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re losing your daughter, this episode is for you too — because we’re all swimming in the cultural sea of normalized disconnect when it comes to motherdaughter relationships, especially in the preteen and teen years. It’s time to change that story.

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below —

Have you ever felt like you were losing your daughter or that you didn’t know what to do as a mom?

Share your answer below — because collective wisdom rocks, and we want to hear your take. We need each other, mama.

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