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The Period App Your Daughter is Going to Love

Let’s get APP-y! So technology can be a stressful thing in your life. Right? AND, tech can also be an amazing tool for us — right? Not just to connect with our loved ones who are far away — But to connect with our bodies. YES. I am so excited to introduce you to my […]

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Don’t Forget This When You Talk to Her About Sex

We Thrive TV- Sue Jaye Johnson

I’ve got the most amazing interview for you, mama. It’s also a surprise. Because when we think about the body talk with our teenage girls, so often we think about the sex talk. Mostly: how can we get them to be safe?? But I’m diving into a different talk today — and I want to […]

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Awkwardness, and Why Having a Real Talk About Sex is Essential

Have you had an awkward sex talk with your daughter? The one where she scrunches up her face and goes “MOM, PLEASE STOP!” Or the “eww gross, mommy!” Or the ‘red face and can’t wait to get out of it staring at the ground’ conversation… Or maybe she had a million and one questions and […]

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