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Awkwardness, and Why Having a Real Talk About Sex is Essential

Have you had an awkward sex talk with your daughter?

The one where she scrunches up her face and goes “MOM, PLEASE STOP!”

Or the “eww gross, mommy!”

Or the ‘red face and can’t wait to get out of it staring at the ground’ conversation…

Or maybe she had a million and one questions and YOU were the one feeling a bit awkward about it all? Heck… did anyone have this conversation with you when you were a girl?

Or maybe it wasn’t awkward? BLESS YOU! (Bless any mama who has had any talk — no matter how cringeworthy) with her daughter (or son) about healthy sex and sexuality. You’re a rockstar who is changing the world).

Discomfort or not, we believe that having real, loving talks with teen girls about sex, sexuality, sensuality, their body, pleasure, and consent (among other topics) is essential. Frankly, it’s urgent.

It’s when adults leave the room — so to speak — that teen world goes crazy and Lord of Flies can begin. There’s the girl who gets confused, drawn into sexting vulnerable pictures of herself, and then bullied. There’s the way the first peer your daughter ‘hooks up with’ (yes, they may not be ‘dating’ anymore) likely received their sex education from Internet porn — especially if it’s a boy. And we grown women know how that turns out… These are two examples of a world gone mad. Sex confused.

We bring this up not to scare you, but to invite you to join us, lovingly, in getting real together, and asking:

How can we be part of helping our daughters to know their worth, and, from a place of self-love, to choose pleasure and safety when it comes to sex?

Today, on the blog, we’re talking about dealing with discomfort (yours and yours daughters) when it comes to talking about sex, and why getting real is so essential, the sooner the better. Together, we got this one, mama.

Click the video below to watch.

Even if your daughter is younger, or your daughter is older, or you’ve got a beautiful open conversation going around sex and sensuality in your house, come check it out (and then share your wisdom with us — seriously, we want to hear it ALL!).

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, we want to know:

Are you able to share with your daughter about sex and sexuality? How are you making sure she gets the information she needs?

Leave us a comment below — because it takes a village of sane mamas and aunties to figure out this whole teen sex thing. We want to hear your take. We need each other, mama.

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