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Eliza Reynolds

Got Birth Trauma? Healing Years Later

  Surprise question for you… Oh I promise this one is a goody. If you gave birth to your daughter — Yes, all of those years ago — What was it like? In the years since, have you experienced any symptoms such as a weakened pelvic floor, lower back aches, or pain during sex? And […]

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How to Get Your Daughter to Talk to You

  How are you doing with getting your daughter to talk to you? I mean… Does she naturally come to you with what’s on her heart? With what’s happening at school? Or with who sent that risqué Snapchat last night? Or does it more feel like… trying to get a closed clam to talk to […]

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The Surprising Solution to Your Exhaustion

  Are you ready to not be tired all the time? I mean… Everyone we know is tired, right? Especially our women friends. Whole female friendships can be built on getting together to share how busy, tired, and overwhelmed we are…. right? The shadow side of healthy venting can be that well… we wear it […]

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