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Setting Real Tech Boundaries with Your Kid


One of top 2-3 questions I get.

Not kidding.

“What do I do with this phone of hers?”

I’ll be brief today. In the U.S. it’s a holiday weekend (hence also not sending our regular We Thrive TV email on yesterday’s holiday Thursday!).

BUT, what more perfect time to talk about tech, boundaries and your daughter — than a time of potential family intimacy, and bonding?

You struggling with this one a bit?




A mama in our community sent me a question about feeling like she was competing with her daughter’s cell phone for her attention.


You know that one?

We’ve talked a bit about tech here at Mothering & Daughtering —

But I wanted to go deeper.

Enter: Deborah McNamara, the expert.

She’s a developmental psychologist at heart, she’s a remarkable author, and she one of the leaders at my favorite parenting center of ALL time: The Neufeld Institute.

She’s wise, savvy and real. She also knows this one intimately: she’s the mama of a 11 year-old daughter, and a 13 year-old daughter. Wowza!

I couldn’t be more excited to share this one with you!

Click the video below to watch.

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Remember, Mama, this is about not letting tech get in the way of a strong bond with our daughter. We’re not making tech the source of all evil either! It’s about getting clear on this big truth: in-person relating is different than texting, and our relational bodies and brain crave the real in-person thing. I’m talking with Deborah about how we actually help our daughters do this.

Every other week, I will still be bringing you a new episode where we answer your burning questions, mama. And I’ll be joined by a crew of amazing mother/daughter guests — and yup, a regular guest will be my badass daughter and former co-host: Eliza.

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below — 

How can you put into action one of Deborah McNamara’s recommendations for her relational approach to raising a daughter in a digital approach?

— because collective wisdom rocks,
and we want to hear your take.

We need each other.




P.S. Forward this video to a mama who’s raising her girl in this tech world.  Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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