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Eliza’s All-Time Favorite Girl Magazine

What does your daughter read or watch regularly?

Like where does she turn for community, entertainment or advice?

Do you know?

Maybe you it’s YouTube tutorials, a new YA fantasy book series (by Tamora Pierce, maybe?), or the latest edition of Teen Vogue? Or simply put… Snapchat…?

Do you feel good about what she’s consuming — content-wise?
(Not a loaded question, just asking).

Today I’ve got a feel good option for you.

Nancy Gruver is the visionary co-creator of New Moon Girls Magazine, and I say co-creator, because she created the magazine for her twin preteen daughters back in the day… and she created it WITH them and an initial editorial board of 20 girls.

Nancy wanted to create a real space for girls who are torn between what they dream for themselves and what society expects of them. The magazine is ad free and shares the real voices, feelings and opinions of girls around the world.
This interview an emotional one for me. Why? Because this woman helped me raise Eliza when she was a preteen and teen — with her community, and her magazine — and she didn’t know how much until this interview.

Click the video below to watch + find a new must-read for your daughter.

Also, since back in the day when Eliza was a regular subscriber to New Moon Girls Magazine, they’ve built an online forum and community for preteen and teen girls, that is 100% moderated by volunteer young women (mostly bad-ass college students who used to get New Moon Girls when they were younger). It’s the best example we know of online safe space for girls. Click here to learn more about their online community for girls.

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below.

What’s one alternate community you can find, or have found for your girl — that promotes a different story about teenage girls (one where leadership, inclusiveness, and being real is at the heart)?

— because collective wisdom rocks,
and we want to hear your take.

We need each other.



P.S. Forward this video to a mama with a free spirited daughter.  Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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