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Nourishing Soul in the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Have you ever tried to share your spiritual life with your daughter?

And then gotten a “mom, that’s weird” back?

Maybe it was a straight up diss of your meditation practice.

Or the altar that’s by your bed.

Either way, ouch.

And maybe with your girl it wasn’t a mean comment.

Maybe it was more of a polite: “ma, all that ‘sacred’ stuff is your thing.”

Usually, in teen girl world, the inner world isn’t as cool as the outer.

Total bummer.


How do we nourish soul with our daughters?

How do we help them to have a rich inner life — in a world that is so outer focused? Because we know, we mamas, that a soulful life is a life full of meaning. It’s a way of living where we use our inner compass as a guide. And isn’t that what we want for our girls?

We made you a video about how to actually get your girl to love her version of the spiritual woo-woo. 😉

Click the video below to watch!


We just got back from teaching a weekend workshop for moms and their teen daughters, and the moment we brought up the word ‘sacred’ we got an eye-roll. You see, after 11 years of teaching this work, we’ve come to expect it — heck, welcome it even!

Why? We know that it’s not that preteens and teens don’t want a sacred life, it’s just that they have different words for it. We can get lost in translation. Our collective longing for soul and meaning is getting miscommunicated. And we created this episode of We Thrive TV to show you HOW to get talking in a way that works. Click the video above to watch!

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below — because collective wisdom rocks, and we want to hear your take. We need each other, mama.


Sil & Eliza

P.S. Forward this video to a mama in your circle who’s wanting to get spiritual with her girl — because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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