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Are you ready for a joy ride? (We are).

Joy. Pure joy. Belly-aching laughter. The kind where you pee yourself, just a little bit (those muscles aren’t what they once were… ;)).

A deep breath, silence, and satisfaction. Quiet, embodied, elation. Warm tingles in the body.

Rocky-Balboa-inspired victory laps (perhaps complete with some goofy butt shakes and a fist pump or two into the air) around the bedroom, or the kitchen, or the work bathroom… whenever you just rocked — HARD — at life. (You know, as you do).

That’s the kind of endorphin ride we’re talking about in this week’s episode of We Thrive TV.

In a world obsessed with the negative — the news headlines we absorb on a daily basis, for example — we need to righteously cultivate joy. It’s become so normal for us to soak in the negative (and we say soak because our cells are soaking in cortisol, the stress hormone, when we dwell in the land of negativity. Many of us have whole friendships, especially perhaps mom friendships, that are based on getting together to complain: a mutual complaint society where we sit together attempting to one-up each other with the amount of busy, stress and overwhelm in our lives. It’s like being overwhelmed is the new cool.

Today, on the blog we’re talking about the pitfalls of pumping cortisol being normal, and the exquisite simple joy of cultivating an endorphin-rich life — especially in the mother-daughter relationship. When was the last time you and your daughter had a play date? What could you do this week “just for fun”? We’ve got some ideas 😉 and we bet you do too.

Click the video below to watch.

Sometimes we can get so SERIOUS about our relationship, that we forget (egads!) that relationships are also the most important source of love, joy and support — that we are here to be nourished by each other. What fun!

Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below — because collective wisdom rocks, and we want to hear your take. We need each other, mama.

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