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Are you ready for a joy ride? (We are).

Joy. Pure joy. Belly-aching laughter. The kind where you pee yourself, just a little bit (those muscles aren’t what they once were… ;)). A deep breath, silence, and satisfaction. Quiet, embodied, elation. Warm tingles in the body. Rocky-Balboa-inspired victory laps (perhaps complete with some goofy butt shakes and a fist pump or two into the […]

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To Celebrate Her Period or Not (And How)

Over 50% of the world’s population gets their period once a month (for some portion of their life anyways). And still, in most circles, periods are something we don’t talk about. Most girls will still hear — from peers, from media, and even implicitly from adults — that periods are gross, shameful, and, at best, […]

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How to Turn Conflict Into Open-Hearted Communication

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