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Sil Reynolds

Daring To Rest with Karen Brody

Do you struggle to give yourself permission to rest?   I know that I did until I learned about Karen Brody’s Daring To Rest program.   Immersing myself in Karen’s work has been a game changer for me. You see, I grew up in a family where how much you got done in a day […]

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Forty Days in my Rest Cave

Dear Sister of the Heart, Yesterday was the last day of my 40-day commitment to spend daily time in my rest cave. My rest cave is the spare room in my house (the guest room) that I have now called dibs on. I have decorated it with a rest altar (with a candle and a […]

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The voices in your head: meanness vs. kindness

Dear Sister of the Heart, How do you speak to yourself? I don’t mean speaking out-loud to yourself- though you might do that sometimes. I mean your inner voice or voices. Do you speak to yourself with kindness? With meanness? A bit of both? Let’s pause for a moment and consider what those voices inside […]

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