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Sil & Eliza Reynolds

How To Help Your Girl Know She’s Enough As She Is

Does your daughter struggle with stress or anxiety? Does she feel like she has to be perfect, liked, and have it ‘together’ all the time? Do you feel a bit helpless when it comes to helping her relax and love herself? Oh mama, we’re tackling a big one this week: stress is at an all-time […]

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The Double Standard for Girls’ Sexuality

The Double Standard for Girls' Sexuality

I’ve got an epic new episode of We Thrive TV up for you today! Have you heard the phrase ‘sex-positive parenting’ but aren’t quite sure what it means? Or how to really be ‘sex-positive’? Are you also coming up against the realization that there are still different expectations based on gender? That your daughter is […]

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Ever Feel Straight Up Ineffective??

I’m back with Eliza. Do you ever feel straight up ineffective when you’re mothering your preteen or teen? Like: “WTF… all those tried and true strategies that I figured out when she was 6… they suddenly don’t work?” Like you’re dealing with a different creature entirely? And no one truly warned you about this? And […]

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