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Awkwardness, and Why Having a Real Talk About Sex is Essential

Have you had an awkward sex talk with your daughter? The one where she scrunches up her face and goes “MOM, PLEASE STOP!” Or the “eww gross, mommy!” Or the ‘red face and can’t wait to get out of it staring at the ground’ conversation… Or maybe she had a million and one questions and […]

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To Celebrate Her Period or Not (And How)

Over 50% of the world’s population gets their period once a month (for some portion of their life anyways). And still, in most circles, periods are something we don’t talk about. Most girls will still hear — from peers, from media, and even implicitly from adults — that periods are gross, shameful, and, at best, […]

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Don’t Make Fat a Dirty Word

I feel fat. I feel gross. You look fat. You should be watching your weight. What about a new diet? You look good; did you lose weight? Fat has become a dirty word in our culture. What’s that? Oh, yes it has. Think about how we use it. Fat, thanks to marketing, has become the […]

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