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Transforming Conflict with Your Daughter

Got conflict? This 3-month coaching package is all about how to transform your daughter’s embarrassment, rudeness or mood-swings into connection, and a stronger bond. Learn strategies to radically change your relationship, and the support to make that transformation now. Click here to learn more.

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Raising Your Daughter Body Sane and Savvy

Do you or your daughter feel uncomfortable talking about her developing body? This 3-month coaching package is structured to get you hip, educated and confident about how to have great conversations with your daughter about her body image, period, food, weight and sexuality. Awkwardness, we’re comin’ for ya. Click here to learn more.

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Healing Your Relationship with Your Mother

What’s your relationship like with your mom? This 3-month coaching package is a deep dive into healing your motherline (whether your mom is alive or not) as an adult daughter, so you don’t pass on the same stuff down the motherline, or re-create it in your other meaningful relationship. If your mother was unable to […]

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