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Why Mindfulness is the Quickest Path to Sane Mothering

We Thrive TV Sheryl Kurland-Platt

Are you ready to help your teen have more tools to handle her stress? And, yes, to help her feel more sane in the midst of her daily emotional roller coaster?

Let’s talk mindfulness and teens.

And, also, let’s talk your sanity while raising a teen.

I am so excited to share this new free episode of We Thrive TV with you. I knew after the amazing episode on Buddhism, meditation and mothering we did last February… I wanted to bring you more mindfulness mamas. Sheryl Kurland-Platt is the mama of three teens, one of whom is a feisty, big-hearted teen girl, Lili (shout out to Lili who was trained by Eliza to mentor preteen daughters at our live workshops, and is a leader in our badass daughter community. She’s amazing!).

Sheryl is a Mindfulness and Yoga instructor who has co-authored both a Mindful Parenting curriculum, and a mother-daughter Mindfulness and Yoga curriculum. She’s a gem in our M&D community, and I am so delighted to share her with you. She’s living these mindfulness tools in real time, while, yes, raising three teens.

Mindfulness is the simple way to feel calm, no matter what comes.


Click the video below to watch.



P.S. Forward this video to a mama craving more peace in her mothering. Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.



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