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Is Your Daughter’s Sex Ed Program Good Enough?

The first time Eliza asked me about sex she was 5, and we were sitting in the local library parking lot after school pick-up. Eliza’s kindergarten teacher was pregnant, so it made sense after all (she was wondering how ‘babies were made’). I’m a Nurse Practitioner by training, so, after a brief moment of panic, I gave her an anatomically-accurate description… and I don’t think she asked me anything about sex again for about a decade.

I mention this, because you’re not alone if you’re feeling a bit in the dark about how to talk to your daughter about sex ed, whatever age she is —

I was a practicing Women’s Health provider through Eliza’s childhood and preteen years, and I still struggled with it! I knew the scientific facts, but when it came to relational attunement to my preteen and teen daughter… I felt woefully unprepared.

The truth is: we mamas are responsible for creating an environment that supports our daughter’s sexual education.

And, if we received little or no support in this area from our own moms, we’re pioneers in our motherline, not only in healing our own relationship to healthy sexuality, but creating a brave, embodied, safe way forward for our daughters.

Today’s episode with Sheila Kamara Hay is all about this. She’s a buddy of mine, a wise teacher, and she’s got two daughters in the preteen and teen years right now — so she’s in the thick of it. She told me this story about guest teaching a sex ed program… and I asked her to come on to WTTV to tell it. It’s something you’ve got to hear!

Click below to listen in to the newest episode of We Thrive TV, get actionable steps, and get nourished.

Want to connect with Sheila? Click here to learn about her Ecstatic Goddess Course. She’s offering a free introductory class to her work next Thursday, January 17th, all about the Feminine Cycle of Creation. Click here to sign up for her free class!



P.S. Forward this video to a mama craving more peace in her mothering. Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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