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What to Do When You Lose Your Cool at Your Daughter

It happens to all of us. We snap. We lose it. We take stuff personally.

Maybe she teased her sibling for the umpteenth time today and started a fight.

Or maybe work was hard for you today, you seem to be running perpetually late and taking care of everyone (including your boss)… and your temper was just a wee bit short when she asked to change her plans last minute and go to the mall instead.

Or maybe you’re just feeling grumpy today, and you’re wanting some extra love from your girl, and instead she chooses today of all days to flex her independence muscles and — from your perspective at least — push you away.

Oh, mama. It happens to all of us.

Let’s repeat that, just to make sure we all got it: IT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US. We all lose our cool sometimes at our daughter. Yes, even to mothering experts. 😉

Yes, a sigh of relief. Give yourself that. We’re all that imperfectly perfect.

So, it’s NOT about the goal of having moments like this never happen — but instead, what are we going to do once they HAVE happened? How are we going to repair when we’ve been oh-so human with our precious daughter.

That’s the topic of today’s episode. You ready?

Click the video below to watch.

This episode gets pretty specific, and we’d love to hear your thoughts:

How can you use the Pause Tool in your life?

Share your answer in the comments section below — because collective wisdom rocks, and we want to hear your take. We need each other, mama.


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