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Ancestral healing and DNA testing

I confess that I am answering my burning questions today in this interview with the awesome Leesa Renee Hall… but I trust that you will discover they are your burning questions too!

There are so many ways we can heal our motherline and these days Eliza and I are both being guided by Leesa Renee’s brilliant work. She is helping us to uncover and challenge the unconscious biases we have inherited from our motherline.

Eliza and I have been exploring our ancestry with DNA testing and reckoning with some of the stories we are uncovering. It has opened our hearts and our minds in ways we never expected and is helping us to live fuller lives in the present.

You have this same power to explore your ancestry and have it make a difference in yours and your daughter’s lives.

In this new free episode of We Thrive TV, I’m diving deep in with this brilliant author and facilitator.

Click below to listen in to the newest episode of We Thrive TV, get actionable steps, and get nourished.




P.S. Forward this video to a mama who is interested in discovering more about her ancestry and healing her motherline. Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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