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How to Help Your Daughter Love Puberty

Sonya Renee Taylor


Let’s get down about puberty.

What if your daughter actually um… liked puberty?

Crazy concept!

What if she felt informed, supported, and celebrated — and puberty was a wonderful experience? Certainly a bizarre idea for our mainstream culture. But totally what we know is possible here at Mothering & Daughtering.

Are you looking for more resources to support your girl?

Especially resources that are authentic, vibrantly diverse, and intersectional?

Look no further than this beautiful new book : “Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls.” And today I’ve got one of the co-authors, Sonya, on the show with me!

Sonya is an award-winning Performance Poet, an activist, and a transformational leader. She founded and runs a digital media and education company that you can find at Oh, and she’s also the author of two others books, including “The Body is Not an Apology: The Radical Power of Self-Love.” She is a leader for us all: promoting radical self-love and body empowerment as the foundational tool for social justice and global transformation.

And she’s coming to support our beautiful girls. Blessed be.

This ultimate puberty book for your girl covers everything from her biological changes, to her shifting moods, to how to stay safe on social media. Mamas, this book, and this woman, is the real deal.

Click the video below to watch.


Once you’ve gotten a chance to check out the video, leave a comment below.

What could the radical power of self-love change in your life?

— because collective wisdom rocks,
and we want to hear your take.

We need each other, mama.


P.S. Forward this video to a mama who needs another resource for puberty.  Because sharing is caring, and everyone could use a stronger bond.

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