The Mothering Course: Preteen

5 Sessions to Lock in Your Mothering Game and Stay Grounded, Bonded and Sane

This is the cornerstone of the Mothering & Daughtering approach: a 5-Module Video-Based Online Experience for Busy Moms of Preteen Daughters. Is that you? Come learn real strategies to connect with your growing daughter. Includes access to our video library of how-to videos, life-time membership in the course, and all downloadable content (so you can take it on-the-go with you). What if connecting with your preteen daughter could be… easy? Click here to learn more.

Hi, We’re Sil & Eliza!

The mother-daughter dynamic duo behind Mothering & Daughtering. We’re downright devoted to you thriving not just surviving with your daughter during the preteen, teen years and beyond.

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