Our Team

Sil Reynolds

Co-Founder. Coach. Resident Intuitive Maven. CEO.

Why M&D

Because I’ve got a passion for mothers and daughters having close and abiding relationship. It brings me joy. It’s my calling.

Eliza Reynolds

Co-Founder. Teacher. Strategy + Words Queen. COO.

Why M&D

Because Love. More love. Being of service to love. We all deserve access to more love, and sometimes we need the tools to get there.

Kimberlee Gorgo

Systems Queen + Tech Support

Why M&D

Because I am passionate about heart-based leadership and Sil & Eliza embody this ethic. Because Mothering & Daughtering, for me, comes back to mothering Self and the beauty that emerges from a well nurtured ME. Because I believe in relationships and their gift of mirroring. Because I love purposeful business.

Marie DeMange

Community Curator. Word Writer. Sil's Right Hand.

Why M&D

Because always and forever we are tied to our mothers – here and in the hereafter.  Because this bond is sacred.

Brandi Bernoskie

Website Development.

Why M&D

Because the relationship we have with our mother is so crucial to the relationship we have with ourselves. This sort of love is magic. Positively magic.

Amanda Dennelly

All Design Details.

Why M&D

Because I believe good design can help you grow. It can transform your business, your mindset, and your life. M&D embodies that truth and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Nancy Rothstein

Photography (that sees heart + soul).

Why M&D

I believe that this work is transformative, not only for the mothers and daughters who participate, but for the larger community, and for the families of the future.  I wish I’d had teachers like Sil & Eliza when I was a teen!