A Virtual Village for Mamas in Changing Times:
Weekly Mothering Wisdom

with Sil Reynolds

This is a perfect time to strengthen your bond with your kids.

JULY 12th - AUGUST 16th
How can we hold the highest vibration possible as we mother?

Things are chaotic, you may have lost work.

Nothing is certain. We are in unknown territory.

Most of us have our kids home 24/7.

More is being asked of us as we mother right now.
We get depleted when we are kicked into overdrive and are mothering on empty.

We need support for ourselves, as mothers.
We can’t do everything alone, without a source of replenishment and connection.

The solution may be simpler than you might think-- the antidote is mirroring and containing, sprinkled with motherlove-- the same things your children need.

Sprinkled with Love from me, Sil, and the Sisterhood of mamas.

I am no longer doing the day-to-day mothering, so I sit with a particular capacity to offer that mothering energy, that mirroring and containing, to you.

Let’s be together regularly through and beyond the peak of this storm.

 Now is the time that we double down on the way that we love ourselves with fierce truth, so that our resilience shines, and sets the tone for our household.

How can we take advantage of this extra time with our children?

By remembering Mothering fundamentals:

1. When we are resourced by sisterhood, we mother on full, not on empty.

2. When we do not take our kid’s behavior personally, we can mother from a non-reactive place.

3. When we have our child’s heart, no discipline is necessary. We- not their peers- are their primary attachment bond, and we parent from that place with a loving authority that creates safety and trust so they can grow into their best selves.

4. When our kid is peer-oriented, we can retrieve their heart back to the safety of our heart.

5. Mothering is like a martial-art: with practice we can find our center in the midst of chaos.

6. When we make mistakes, we can always repair ruptures and make the bond with our children stronger.

Your family’s enforced retreat may be the perfect time
to get more support and hone your mothering skills.
This offering is:
  • A LIVE 6-week container held by me, Sil, in July and August. I am no longer doing the day-to-day mothering, so I sit with a particular capacity to offer that mothering energy to you. This is an unusual opportunity to have weekly live video access to me, and the sisterhood of mamas in our community, over an extended period of time.

  • I will review the fundamentals of Mothering on weekly Zoom calls using the framework of The Mothering Course: a 10 module video based course taught by me and my daughter (and co-author of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years) Eliza. Go HERE to learn more about The Mothering Course.

  • You don’t have to watch any of the videos from The Mothering Course during this 6-week program, to get all the support and guidance you need. In fact, there will be no homework, assignments, or “accountability” : there will only be a sweet container to return to each week, so that you have at least one place where you don’t feel like you have to hold it together. You can receive my love and support, and the love and support of the sisterhood, and watch the videos at your own pace- during or after our 6 weeks together.

Who this offering is for:
  • Mothers of preteen and teen daughters who want weekly virtual-mama-village-live-video support from me, Sil Reynolds, mother and Mothering & Daughtering coach.

  • Mothers of preteen and teen daughters who are already lifetime members of The Mothering Course and have never taken part in a live run with me, Sil, who want access to this program of weekly live support from me.

What this offering includes:
  • Six 90 min live sessions (over 6 weeks) with me, Sil, guiding and supporting you through these changing times. Sessions with me will be every Sunday at 4pm EST/1pm PST/8pm GMT from July 12th-August 16th.

  • Recorded session if you can’t make the live time.

  • Private Facebook group membership: The Sisterhood of The Mothering Course.

Sil Reynolds is a mother and a mothering expert. She is the co-author of “Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years”, and the co-host of We Thrive TV with her daughter Eliza. The mother-daughter duo have taught sold-out workshops nation-wide for thousands of mothers and their preteen and teen daughters for the past 15 years.

Sil brings 40 years as a nurse practitioner and therapist to her current work as a one-on-one mothering coach. She was a senior student of renowned Jungian analyst Marion Woodman. As a specialist in eating disorders and body image, she’s taught Geneen Roth’s Breaking Free from Emotional Eating workshops. She’s taught at  Multiversity, and the Esalen, Omega, and Kripalu institutes. But the crown jewel in her resume is, of course, her daughter Eliza. Fun fact: Sil brought the first yoga class ever to Brown University as an undergrad, as Eliza calls it, this = awesome hippie lady status. Find out more and learn how to turn conflict into open-hearted connection at motheringanddaughtering.com.

6 weeks Live with Sil: $90
$15 per 90 minute session
6 weeks Live with Sil