Free Mothering Summer School is here!

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Do you hunger for a community of moms who share your values?

Are you craving a community in your life where it’s actually normal, natural and possible to stay connected with your daughter during the preteen and teen years? Rather than settling for the cultural norm that ‘losing each other is normal’ and that ‘you’ve got to let her go’?

Do you want a community where mothering is a spiritual journey, as well as an emotional one?

A place where, side by side, mamas like you are reaching out to connect, to share tools, to be perfectly imperfect… together?

If your answer was yes to any of those…

Then we created this for you.


From July 6th to August 31st, we’re offering our free Mothering Summer School.


We’re going to be offering live video sessions on topics like:

+ Raising Your Daughter to Become Herself
+ Conflict 101 with a Teen
+ Healing Fat Phobia and the Thigh Gap

To name a few! Scroll down to see our full schedule of topics and dates.

We want to invite you to join us and our heart-led tribe of mamas over at Mothering & Daughtering.

We need each other.


In community, we remember what’s possible. We remember it’s ok to be so totally human and not have it all figured out. We realize don’t have to do it alone. We realize we’ve got this.


Here’s the revolutionary way to do mothering: together.


We hope you’ll join us.


The Summer School Schedule

Live Session 1: Thursday, July 6th, 8pm EST/5pm PST:
Raising Your Daughter to Become Herself
with Sil Reynolds


Live Session 2: Sunday, July 23rd, 8pm EST/5pm PST:
Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
with Sil Reynolds


Live Session 3: Thursday, August 3rd, 8pm EST/5pm PST:
Safety, Mom Anxiety, and Finding Trust in Parenting a Teen*
with Sil Reynolds

*also great if your daughter isn’t a teen yet 😉


Live Session 4: Sunday, August 20th, 8pm EST/5pm PST:
Conflict 101 and Loving Your Own Imperfect Mothering
with Sil Reynolds


Live Session 5: Thursday, August 31st, 8pm EST/5pm PST:
Fat, Puberty and How to Raise a Daughter Body-Sane
with Sil & Eliza Reynolds

** all sessions will be available for replay in the Facebook group later,
if you can’t make ’em live.


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