Our Team

Sil Reynolds

Co-Founder. Coach. Resident Intuitive Maven.

Why M&D

Because I’ve got a passion for mothers and daughters having close and abiding relationship. It brings me joy. It’s my calling.

Eliza Reynolds

Co-Founder. Teacher. Strategy + Words Queen.

Why M&D

Because Love. More love. Being of service to love. We all deserve access to more love, and sometimes we need the tools to get there.

Mazzy Orban

CEO of MazVirtual.

Why M&D

Our relationship with our mothers is the first (and often strongest) bond we make in this life. Today’s mothers have a whole new set of challenges raising girls in our ultra-social, tech-heavy society, and I’m thrilled to be part of Sil and Eliza’s project that meets those needs with honesty and open-hearted grace.

Vanessa Wade

Website and Brand Design.

Why M&D

As a soon-to-be mom myself, I can’t imagine a better bond than the one you share between a mother & daughter. There is so much value in that relationship that this project is absolutely something I had to get behind and share with the world!

Nancy Rothstein

Photography (that sees heart + soul).

Why M&D

I believe that this work is transformative, not only for the mothers and daughters who participate, but for the larger community, and for the families of the future.  I wish I’d had teachers like Sil & Eliza when I was a teen!

Brandi Bernoskie

Website Development. Biz Wisdom. Alchemy x Aim.

Why M&D

Because the relationship we have with our mother is so crucial to the relationship we have with ourselves. This sort of love is magic. Positively magic.

Amanda Dennelly

All Design Details.

Why M&D

Because I believe good design can help you grow. It can transform your business, your mindset, and your life. M&D embodies that truth and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Lauren Aadland + Lisa Halling

Video Production. Hugs. The Beatnik Group.

Why M&D

Our production company specializes in small team shoots for small to medium sized companies. We chose to work this way because of the authenticity, personal connection and love that arises for each project when working closely together with passionate, driven and professional entrepreneurs. Eliza and Sil are personified reasons of why we love doing what we do, in the way we have chosen to do it. Their message is important to many mothers and daughters in the world and to help them share it is an honour.